Upcoming Events

Small Scale Real Estate Development Workshop

Wednesday, September 11, 2019: 10AM – 3PM

Central Arkansas Library Darragh Center
100 S Rock Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

This program is a half-day session designed to introduce the principles and implementation mechanisms behind neighborhood-based development projects. We offer specialized training on how to develop small residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties (1-3 story buildings with less than 20 units). The seminar assumes participants know a lot about where they live, but not necessarily about real estate development. 

The event consists of presentations on finance, design and site selection, a hands-on practice exercise, and networking with local like-minded people. This is the first step to becoming a small developer or creating a supportive ecosystem for small development in your city. The program will be led by Matthew Petty of the Incremental Development Alliance.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals in construction, design, planning or real estate looking to either enhance their current practice or make career transitions
  • Volunteers or professionals in business associations, main streets associations, historic preservation groups, and neighborhood improvement groups looking to champion incremental development in their communities
  • Professionals in city management, economic development, planning, and related agencies who are looking to make it easier for small scale development in their cities
  • Nonprofit development professionals working in organizations, churches, and community or housing development who need new strategies for small lot development
  • Private banking professionals specializing in mortgages, commercial real estate loans, or SBA loans and professionals at Community Development Financial Institutions and Community Foundations who want to become more effective investors

The workshop is presented by the Incremental Development Alliance, a national nonprofit working to build local wealth in neighborhoods through ground-up real estate development. 

Please take the time to view the webinar introducing you to the concepts to be discussed at the workshop.

If you are a housing developer, you can view the webinar at https://zoom.us/recording/share/JTQMruLl9_Vq602k7AL4csM6UD6LcD8BNMOiCdBW81awIumekTziMw?startTime=1564513272000

If you are a part of the affordable housing ecosystem, you can view the webinar at